Elaine Adams

Hertfordshire based photographer Elaine Adams, developed a love of photography from an

early age through watching and assisting her father Geoffrey, a talented amateur photographer.

Elaine's background and qualifications in art contribute to her particular interest in composition

and the effective use of light. Her many years of experience working in education has resulted in

a lifelong love of  learning and the ambition and drive to improve her photography with every

new  image. Elaine's photographs cover a range of subjects with a focus on lifestyle and family

portraiture, wildlife and travel. She specialises in digital images, both monochrome and colour.


"When I hold the camera I feel alive. Nothing matters but capturing that brief, but

perfect moment in time pictured in my mind's eye."



Elaine Adams is available for private commissions, both personal and corporate, in

Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and further afield.


Elaine Adams at:-



07931 245778

+44(0)1442 247096